The Ladies


Miss Crystal has been with the Chelsea for over 20 years.  She loves spending time with her family and playing bingo.  She believes most women would benefit from a “bullet” for her stimulating pleasure.


Miss Stephanie has been with the Chelsea for over 5 years.  She loves gardening, photography, and answering questions.  She loves when customers come in with “embarrassing” questions.

Miss Krista is our newest recruit.  She enjoys family time, outdoor activities, and a good glass of wine.  She loves helping customers think outside of the box.

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13 thoughts on “The Ladies

  1. Leggs get ahold of me, hoping to have some fun in the theater or booth. Kik is lordvader8824 and e male is vincentvalcour79 at g Male dot com.

  2. Do any females ever come to the theater that a person could hook up with?

    1. Yes Friday night and last night had wife there not many men for her

      1. Are you bringing sexy wife tonight?

  3. Just to spread the appreciation around, Miss Crystal provided a pleasant welcome and assistance during my first visit to your store Wed., Dec. 19th.

  4. Well krista did it again.i locked my keys in my truck and she got me help to get my truck unlocked .you girl see ya next year ( January)

  5. Awe!! Thank you . Glad I could get you to open up. Hope everything worked out for you. Anytime u have any other questions , please don’t hesitate.

    1. You work today Krista

  6. Hey krista nice talking to you

    1. Thank you. It was definitely a great conversation.

  7. Text me let’s meet up

  8. I’d love to meet n hook up with you guys ,tell me more and we can all enjoy this

  9. Ok. I’m 53 male ready for it all

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