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Our movie theater boasts a 60″ flat screen with 25 theater seats for all your viewing pleasure.

 Here you find the newest and hottest movies from the best adult production companies.

The movie titles change every Wednesday.

Entrance fee to the theater is $9.00 and females enter free when accompanied by a male.

Click on the title or the cover to see how spicy marriage can really be.

Spicing Up the Marriage

When work and responsibility begin to pull a young couple apart, good old fashion love letters serve as the perfect remedy for their dry spell. After dedicating one day a week to satisfying one another, a husband and wife discover that sometimes the hottest sex is the kind you actually planned for. An inhibited woman transforms into an insatiable sex goddess when she allows her husband to photograph erotic nudes of her. Working out becomes the ultimate foreplay after a couple enjoys a steamy encounter at the gym. 

Click on the title or the cover to see how Ines handles being a nurse.

Ines, Private Nurse

Between emergencies, night shifts and home visits, Inès’ schedule doesn’t leave her too much spare time. With the money Pascal, her husband makes, she could stop working if she wanted to. Since the couple move to the country side to escape from the city’s stessful life, routine has sunk in. Just like all young women her age, Inès needs regular sex to open up but since her husband doesn’t touch her anymore, she has to seduce other men to get what she wants. Her home visits are just an excuse to meet men who are ready to give her the pleasure she’s looking for.

374 thoughts on “Now Showing

  1. Hello 33 male here anybody going to be at the booths in like 30mins ?

    1. You’re not a marine, a marine would know not to post an ambiguous time as you did. 30 minutes from what? Semper fi.

      1. I wasn’t going to replay to this but if you feel like calling somebody out on this chat I should let you know from 2004 to 2010 i served as a 0311 the 1st Marines. Maybe I should of been clear on my post yes but if you read the date that was posted on the 20th and today the 21st. So now the post is meaning less but you can’t delete so it’s stuck there.. Semper fi.

        1. I also want to apologize to the committee that’s on this page for this meaning less conversation..

  2. 38 male clean discreet lookin for pnp today hmu: dickbgood at aol
    Dot com

  3. Here’s a refresher for theater eticate, some of these guys can use it. Looking at you, stalking ponytail guy:

    1. Thank you for you contribution to the conversation. This does give very good insight to how an adult theater operates. We hope people will read this article and take notes.

      1. It should be required or posted at the door! Good read.

  4. Any guys going to the theater tonight? Wondering if it’s worth the drive down..

    1. Harley you a female

      1. Yes I am a female.

        1. Hey Harley we should chat and work out a good time for us to show up together I am 33 white male.

    2. I would go if i knew a lady was going.

  5. 24 year old male looking for some advice finding out what he likes

    1. what kind of advice would you like? do you have a kik name?

  6. Is any one going to the Chelsea theater tonight??? Would like to see a couple at least show up

    1. We’d like to check it out sometime (mid 30s make and HOT late 20’s female) but don’t know when it’s going to be hopping enough to be enjoyable for us…

      1. I am 33 skinny white male that love to play partner it’s couples will be there around 5 tonight if I get some replays

  7. My wife hasn’t made love with me for over two months now. She thinks I treat her like an object. Any woman out there who like to be treated like an object available this week. Maybe Friday around 5:30 pm.

    1. Lookn to party?

      1. What you looking for? Kik jerjonil

      2. Whatever
        Hit me up

  8. Labb, how do I find out if I can make the selection? magictongue77 at outlook com email me.

  9. Who was the hot lady in there last night about 8, wish she would have played.

    1. That was me. I’m very selective who I play with.

      1. How does a couple make the list Lab?

        1. Well you are very beautiful, come back often, even if you don’t play. Hopefully someday you will.

          1. You definitely blow the person mentioned below out of the water. Us old fellas wouldn’t find a little show or something. Maybe we should beg? Hehe

        2. Not into women.

      2. Sounds like your a very beautiful lady!!!

        1. Will you be coming back anytime soon?

          1. Leggs how is the schedule this week? Clean smooth gentleman here.

          2. Will you be making an appearance again soon LAB ?

      3. My wife and I are very selective as well. Kik me at mff3som.

      4. My wife and I are very selective as well. You can reach us at mff3som ( Kik)

        1. Don’t know when I’ll be back next.

          1. Nice show last night. Wish you would have stayed a little longer.

  10. Hello 33 year old looking for older women to play with in the booth would love to meet tonight add me to Snapchat tthomas970 or email. marine3205 at hotmail

  11. Leggs, would be a great weekend to watch a movie with all this dreary, wet weather. Thinking about making an appearance?

    1. Maybe not sure yet have to see who we got here

      1. Heard you were a hot piece of ***. In wanna find out. Theater tonight?

        1. Not tonight maybe Saturday night

          1. Going tonight Leggs?

          2. Leggs train tonight? I’ll even wear my conductor hat!! Choo chooo

      2. Hey guys. Just wondered if you were going tonight. I’m the chick that played with your wife once awhile back.

        1. Harley…you making a trip again soon?

  12. Anyone hitting theatre tonight?

  13. New couple to the area, thinking about checking things out tonight and see what it’s all about.

    1. Head to the theater

    2. Did you make it to the chelsea and welcome to the area any chance you have kik there are a few groups in the area on kik

    3. New couple, are you going to be up there tonight?

    4. New cpl from indy just courious if you checked out the Chelsea and the theater

      1. We checked out the store

        1. Let’s us know when your thinking of going to the theater and any chance you have kik ??

          1. No kik sorry. Who is us?

          2. Usally there’s afew people watch the posts to see if any couples post there going to the theater ,so hope you post when your thinking of going

  14. Hey leggs are you watching a movie tonight or I’d another couple going

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