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Our movie theater boasts a 60″ flat screen with 25 theater seats for all your viewing pleasure.

 Here you find the newest and hottest movies from the best adult production companies.

The movie titles change every Wednesday.

Entrance fee to the theater is $9.00 and females enter free when accompanied by a male.

Click on title or picture to get a good drink of beautiful ladies.

Henessy & Cherry Escorts Deluxe

A deep dive into the intimate lives of two hot-blooded luxury escorts… One is brunette, the other blonde: Henessy and Cherry, two young friends with dream bodies, don’t have a day job like most… They rent their charms to rich customers and spend their days in pleasure, surrounded by the sumptuous décor of villas and upscale apartments. Received by a businessman fond of threesomes and anal, they waste no time in making a good impression… Invited to the house of a leather fetishist, Henessy offers doggy style in a full-body outfit… Cherry, meanwhile, becomes the darling of two very perverted clients who both take her in double penetration and cover her with jizz… And we can’t forget Amirah, a promising young escort, offered by a powerful woman to her husband. The extremely horny young man then gives it to her up the ass on the balcony of a villa… One thing is certain, she can take it from here!

Click on title or picture to see what he looks like.

Looking For Mr. Right Now

Amy (Kaylani) is a loveable but awkward twenty-something who rarely ventures out on dates. Her roommate Candy (Kirsten) is the complete opposite; her bedroom has a revolving door on it that Amy cant keep up with. When another lonely Friday night proves too much for Amy, Candy quickly hatches a plan to transform her into a wild sex kitten. Hilarity ensues as the klutzy cutie fails miserably to land a date, but eventually she starts to realize that instead of trying to find Mr. Right Now, Mr. Right could be right next door, hidden in plain sight. Kaylani shines as the endearing Amy in Award winning director Jonathan Morgans romantic comedy.

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  2. 47 year old male with the sex drive of a twenty year old here. Yet that knows how to treat a lady. Looking for a female with same sex drive and willing to have some fun with me. Email me so we can exchange numbers and text and get to know each other

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  6. Today is looking like a fun time to make a trip in! MF here. She cleaned her up and wants to show it off.

    1. Do u have kik? What all u looking for?

      1. Livingonthedge20 is our kik hit us up

        1. You 2 like singles?

          1. What are u into? What u looking for?

          2. Yes. Email me so we can talk more

          3. Quincy male what are u wanting

      2. No kik here. She likes to show off and if she likes then she allows more

        1. What all are u 2 into? We r looking for another couple.

          1. We are as well. Into her showing off and more if she likes. She is 5’7” D smooth

            You 2?

          2. Either couple open to males alone?

          3. He showing pleasure to her while another shows me pleasure

          4. Interested to say the least!!
            When you going?

        2. Mnj does she smoke

          1. Email sent. Be looking for it

      1. Bi couple Looking for a bi couple and if she smokes that’s an extra bonus!!

  7. Anyone going today around 430

  8. Male here looking for a woman or couple that wants to play tonight

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  13. In the theater now, where’s everyone at? Weather is fine.

    1. You a cpl nd what you looking for

      1. Couple looking for men.

        1. Do you have email or kik me at jerjonil

  14. Look for a Male packing extra

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  16. Wanting to meet up with any bi woman or women wanting to have fun with a M/F couple next weekend(;

    1. Curious couple headed to theater in a couple hours….

      1. Hey when r u going I am interested in having some fun

        1. My kik is gibby7464

      2. Hi I am interested in going tonight. 26 male here. Anyway to contact you?

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    1. How do we get a hold of you?

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    1. Anyone there now

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  20. Anyone there right now. Thinking about heading that way.

  21. Any one going to b there sat the 5th after 5 wanting to meet up with a couple? We would like another couple or a single man. I have kik if you’re interested..I’ll give u my kik name. Ty

    1. Ill be thete to check it out

    2. Single guy here

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      I live right down the road, I’m willing to come have some fun with y’all. My kik is “lordvader8824”

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  22. anything going on up there tonight?

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  24. In the theater now come join

    1. Very many people there heading that way now

  25. Couple looking to visit. Thinking about making a trip in. Ring in the new year with some excitement. If you are a couple please let us know if others will be going. Happy 2019!

    1. Oh forgot..hit us up at christiangray 217 at gmail

      1. Oh sounds fun…thinking of late afternoon. Will that work?

        1. We won’t be in town till after 4.

          1. What time were you thinking?

          2. About 4 should work 😀

          3. We cant be there till about 630 darn it. You still be around

          4. We can make something work. Hit us by email so we know ur coming

          5. Are you still going since the other couple cant make it,?

      2. Sent email your way are you there yet

        1. Sorry we can’t make it work tonight ..we are hoping for the weekend.

        2. Hey M and J hopefully things work for you later….we are still looking for fun.

          1. Fun time in the theatre last night….hope more couples can make it next time.

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