The Ladies


Miss Crystal has been with the Chelsea for over 20 years.  She loves spending time with her family and playing bingo.  She believes most women would benefit from a “bullet” for her stimulating pleasure.


Miss Stephanie has been with the Chelsea for over 5 years.  She loves gardening, photography, and answering questions.  She loves when customers come in with “embarrassing” questions.

Miss Krista is our newest recruit.  She enjoys family time, outdoor activities, and a good glass of wine.  She loves helping customers think outside of the box.

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6 thoughts on “The Ladies

  1. Trisha r Peterson

    Love the ladies I haven’t met the new one yet , but Crystal and Stephanie are amazing, love love there feed back on certain products and the energy they give off some fine laid back ladies 😊😊 , I was just in there yesterday and bought my first want from Crystal oh I must say thank you girl it’s amazing 😋, if you ladies ever need any more help down there Imk I would love to come work with you all. I’ll be back next week, until then have a good weekend girls.

  2. Joseph Tower

    Miss Krista is the funnest 1 2 deal with at Chelseas. She seams 2 know the products n mertchandise through out the store. Whenever im telling a freind about my visit they allways ask if ive met Krista. She deffinitly brings a certain spark of life to the store n its patrons.

  3. Mark

    Miss Stephanie, Greeted me on my first visit ,last week and made me feel at home, very welcoming and not silly with my questions. I will return and looking forward to meeting the others. Thanks Stephanie

  4. Phreaky Phillip

    Miss Stephanie seems to be there whenever I come in and has helped answer questions and make perfect recommendations at least a dozen times so far. Maybe it’s because of her bubbly, cheerful personality that I’ve always felt completely comfortable asking her anything that I’d hesitate to ask someone else from the general public.

    Even if I’m coming in for a quick purchase and already know what I’m getting, I enjoy when she’s there to see her smile and have a laugh or two with her during my purchase…it seems that’s just how she is and loves being there doing what she’s doing! Always makes my day!!!

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